Land purchases for initial construction way behind schedule

The contract signed with the design- build construction team led by Tutor Perini in August had a detailed list of properties that the CHSRA would have to buy and the date each parcel would be available to the contractor. The most recent report  on January 16th notes that there are significant delays.How far behind is […]

The blended system can deliver 2 hour 40 minute travel times: Fact or fantasy?

We asked the question in April and we will ask it again. Can the blended system make the promised 2 hour 40 minute travel time? The most significant change in the Authority’s revised Business Plan was the adoption of a “blended” system. The good news was that it could be less impactful to communities and […]

Substantive changes in Business Plan warrant recirculation for comment

There have been at least two recent media reports describing substantive changes to the upcoming 2012 Business Plan. We look forward to seeing how public input was incorporated to the plan. Given the media reports on apparent substantive changes, CARRD is recommending that the Authority consider issuing a second draft plan to give both the […]

State Auditor issues report and NY Times: Room for Debate Op/Eds

By now, you have likely heard that the State Auditor has issued its latest report on the California High Speed Rail Authority. The full report is available at: We recommend reading the long version (always!) as it provides much greater insight into the problems resulting from too many consultants and not enough staff that CARRD […]

More changes on High Speed Rail board

In December, there were two new appointees to the California High Speed Rail Authority Board to replace Richard Katz and Rod Diridon (read our article) . Spring is bringing with it two additional new appointees. As reported in the press, Quentin Kopp left the board and was replaced by Robert Balgenorth, president of the California […]

California High Speed Rail Peer Review Committee Releases Critical Report

Peer Review Report November 2010 The High-Speed Rail Authority’s independent Peer Review Group released this extensive report detailing issues that confront the HSRA. Highlights of the report are covered by Dan Walters, New study sharply criticizes high-speed rail project, and John Cox, Peer report calls for ‘thorough reassessment’ of high-speed rail project, who outlines the […]

New document: Revenue Guarantees for Private Investors

In the words of the California High Speed Rail Authority’s Deputy Director for Communications, the recently issued 2009 Business Plan “has provided unending fodder for skeptics and critics. Public questions about the assumptions and forecasts in the Plan must be addressed in a strategic and thoughtful manner.” One particular criticism was the idea that private […]